Brazil Virtual Number SMS

Different types of Brazil SMS numbers

You can buy three types of Russian numbers as virtual phone numbers.

  • Numbers for city SMS numbers: can be related to a specific city such as 21 in Rio de Janeiro and 11 for Sao Paulo. Brazil has many 319 area codes & 325 area codes.
  • MobileSMS numbers: Regular mobile numbers are not associated with any SIM card. Mobile numbers begin with 119, 219 or 319
  • Toll-free SMS number: Callers can call these numbers free of charge, provided they call Brazil from within Brazil. 800 is the minimum number for toll-free calls. For each call received, the owner of the number will pay an additional per-minute fee


How can I obtain a Brazil virtual number to receive an SMS?

Yes, phones were wired and telephone switches were powered by coal when they were first made. For Ernest E. Welch & Sons Electricians, a phone number consisted of a 2-digit “exchange” number and a 5-digit “terminal”. All terminals were connected to the exchange via a copper wire. You would be able to call another terminal at the same exchange and get someone who is physically near the first number. All of this changed with the advent of digital switching in the 1970s. Any Dialed Number (DN), the number can be mapped to any terminal number (TN). With the advent of mobile and Voice Over IP, these terminals can be found virtually anywhere on the globe.

What is a Brazil virtual phone number for SMS?

It is very similar to the regular phone number we use every day. Brazil’s virtual number is compatible with existing mobile phone networks in the country. Call Nation It also has the same dialing code as the set of digits. Visual comparisons cannot distinguish between a Brazil virtual number and a real one. It is possible to use it online. Online users can access virtual numbers and activate them without the need for a SIM card or a mobile phone. It is possible to open an iFood Brazil account anywhere in the world. You don’t even need to travel anywhere. You only need an internet connection to complete this task.

Brazil Virtual SMS Add-On Services

Answer all calls :

Ajoxi is easiest to answer calls to your Brazilian number by forwarding all calls to either your regular mobile number or a landline phone number. You can view the number of the caller when you get a forwarded call. Depending on your settings, you may also see the virtual number they called. Call forwarding internationally costs the same as regular local calls.

Make calls :

Our free Android, iOS, or web app allows you to make calls from your Brazilian phone number. With just a click, you can import your mobile contacts and call any person you wish. Your number can be seen by the person you call. You have the option of showing one of your Sonetel numbers or your regular mobile phone number.


Virtual phone numbers in Brazil do not support SMS.

Voice Response :

To add a voice to your number (for sales), press one …”.) You can either add the Business package to your number, or you can have Premium. This will give you access to “Voice apps”. It is easy to create menus for voicemail, announcements, and callers.

Call recording :

Call recording is possible if the Premium package has been added to your number or if the number is already in Business. Call recording should only be used if it is legal in the country where the number is located or in the countries you and the person you’re talking to are.

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