Calling Landline From USA To India

Here are some ways to call the US From India

1. Dial 001 with your telephone’s dial pad. If you are making international calls, “00” must be dialed. The country code of the United States is

  • If you’re calling from your mobile phone, you can replace the “00” with the “+”, which is located on a 0-digit number key. You can select it by clicking the icon and holding it until you see the “+”.

2. Dial the recipient’s 3-digit area codes. A 3-digit area number is assigned to every US telephone number based on their state and/or city. There are currently 291 US area codes.

  • Visit the All-Area Codes website at for help with identifying the correct area code for the telephone number you’re dialing.

3. Dial the 7-digit phone number of the recipient. The phone number can be unique for every line within the US by using the last 7 digits and the 3-digit area code. The 7-digit telephone number may be found in any or all 291 area numbers.

4 . To initiate the call you can press “Send,” on your telephone. If your telephone does not ring when you dial the last few digits, then press the “Send”/”Call” buttons. The receiver’s phone will now ring.

India’s country code for calling is +91. To save Indian contacts to your telephone, include their country code! Also, make sure to include the area codes if you call a fixed-line phone number. It will save you the time of having to search it each time you call.

India’s Best Way to Call Us

  1. Download the app
  2. Register now in the app
  3. Sync your contacts
  4. Activate India Unlimited 
  5. Select a contact and hit the Talk button


Find an India number when you’re in the USA

A purchase of a US mobile number online is the best way to get an Indian phone number. These numbers are also known as “virtual” numbers but are just regular phone numbers. They don’t have a physical connection to you, nor can they be accessed via your SIM card. Below are the dialing instructions for international calls to India made from the United States. This dialing procedure can be used to call India from New York (NYC), Chicago, Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (or any other US city). and Ajoxi is also the best call center provider. 

It doesn’t matter whether you call India via the United States from a US landline or a mobile phone; however, you should double verify with your carrier if your plan allows international calling and if any special charges are applicable. It does not matter whether the destination India phone is a phone with a landline number or a phone with a mobile number. Learn how to tell which Indian landline and mobile numbers are different. Calling mobile phones from India is possible with most calling plans, calling cards, and prepaid plans. However, there are extra charges for some calling plans.

India: How to Call the US Cheapest

There are several different options available to call India, depending on where you live. It just takes a look at how often you call to determine which one you would like. You have two choices: pay a low monthly price per minute or purchase an unlimited calling subscription for unlimited calls to India. The best rates on the market for Lets Dial calls are available at the lowest prices. It even comes with a free week to test their India Unlimited subscription! Their app makes calling simple. Sign up for the app, sync contacts, and purchase offers, and then you can get started calling. You can also chat with other app users worldwide and make free calls! for some more calls use the 317 area code & 318 area code 


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